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West Word poetry has a different feature poet at every session. We pay our features through our book raffle. All proceeds from the raffle go to the feature poet on the day.


Many wonderful new and second-hand books are donated to West Word poetry every year, which can be won by those people who choose, on the day, to enter the book raffle and fund the feature poet.

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West Word Poetry is asking for a FUME REDUCTION POLICY in our poetry space, this does not extend to the bar or any other space in the Dancing Dog Cafe, nor is it the cafe policy, it is simply for the poetry event, simply understanding a complex social environmental issue, human rights issue and doing something proactive about it, because poets are forward thinking, and sensitive to the needs of people who are vulnerable/ being harmed. For people to not use perfumes & colognes, or heavy use of spray deodorants. While the space has an open door, it can get congested and cause suffering to those who have had over-exposure to these substances, or conditions like cancer. 38% of the population suffer from the extensive use of petroleum-based substances that are brought in by personal scent products. Substances such are propylene glycol, in these products are carcinogenic, harm asthmatics and people with sensitivities/ allergies, and do need to be banned, however bureaucracy can take a while.

October 22nd     Sandy Jeffs


Sandy is the author of the best-selling Poems from the Madhouse and in 2010, her memoir Flying with Paper Wings: Reflections on Living with Madness, was published. Sandy’s latest poetry collections are: Chiaroscuro with Black Pepper Publishing and The Mad Poet’s Tea Party with Spinifex Press.

November 12th     Tina Fodera & Marty Monstar



From a strong Italian heritage, both her Mother and Father raised in Sicily, Tina is bi-lingual, English and Italian. Tina was raised with theatre in her heart. Her parents ran Melbourne’s most successful Theatre Restraunts during the 1970’s to the 2000’s, including Nero’s Fiddle, French Knickers and Witches in Britches. Tina studied Drama for two years. During this time she studied classical singing (Opera) at the Melba conservatory of music. She spent time at the National Theatre also  studying Drama, performing in many amateur productions and extra work on TV. Tina consolidated her years of acting and song, in performing for fifteen years on stage within the family business.

Tina’s love of poetry commenced from an early age. The journey of Thirty years of love, mysticism and spirtuatuality has formed the crux of Tina’s poetry. She is soon to be published for the first time. Tina commenced performing poetry approximately twenty years ago at the Dan O’Connell, brushing shoulders with Patrick Alexander, Ted Lord and a young Grant McCracken. Tina is a gentle soul who captures the audience with her sense of beauty she carries within her words that are spoken.



The multi facetted and multi dimensional Marty MonStar. He was a very successful Accountant advising and restructured businesses throughout early chapter of his life. Marty co-ran Melbourne’s most successful artist run gallery space during the mid 90’s to 2001, Stripp Gallery. During this time, Marty filmed and directed Stripp TV, aired on channel 31. The show captured Melbourne’s art world through artist interviews, filming exhibitions and openings. Marty adopted the John Walters method of production. Film during the week, edit on Saturday’s, submit program on Monday, for airing on Tuesday evenings. It was as live as the art exhibition’s were. After letting go of a career in Accounting nine years ago, Marty studied Visual Arts at Swinburne University for two years. Marty’s obsession with music, art, film and literature led him to trying his hand at poetry. He changed his name and tried the art of performing through poetry and song. Some may say he is eccentric or even mad and the best dressed poet around. Welcome to the wonderful world of Marty MonStar.



November 26th     Elizabeth Etta


Elizabeth Etta is a computer science graduate, filmmaker, spoken word artist and published author.

She is the creator of online talk show Open Talk.


Her writings explore areas of spirituality, identity and womanhood. She believes that women have the ability to aspire and achieve a lot with a community that believes and support them.


When her head is not buried in a book, she enjoys nature walks, road trips and catchups with friends.



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