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West Word poetry has a different feature poet

at every session. We pay our features through our book raffle. All proceeds from the raffle go to the feature poet on the day.


Many wonderful new and second-hand books are donated to West Word poetry every year, which can be won by those people who choose, on the day, to enter the book raffle and fund the feature poet.

West Word poetry

poets featuring in 2017...

March 26th           Anna Forsyth

Anna Forsyth is a kiwi poet, musician and editor based in Melbourne. Her short stories and poems have been published in journals and online and she is currently working on a number of projects, including a second collection of poems, entitled Beatific Toast.







April 9th           Lisa McLean

Lisa McLean are two words that attempt to label everything that exists, has existed or will exist in the form of a human. This particular human believes that everything she perceives (with her very limited nervous system) is a reflection of the current state of her subconscious.


She spends her time reminding herself that time and space do not exist and conjuring up her darkness in order to transmute it into light. This alchemical process alters her subconscious which ultimately transforms her perceived circumstances by reorienting the molecules that her molecules experience.


Her rebirths are so frequent that she is not sure whether she has an identity. She believes identities can be limiting and liberating simultaneously. Her purpose in life is to be completely herself, follow her excitement, express herself in as many ways as possible and to Love.


Much of her previous work has been an expression of her dark energies. Things have changed.









Photo by Brendan Bonsack

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