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Open Mic poetry & feature

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 2pm.


42 Albert Street, Footscray, Melbourne.


All welcome!

Want to feature at West Word poetry?

Feature poets are selected on their ability to engage with the audience for half an hour. This is a lot more time than the Open Mic section, where individual poets read for 5 minutes each. Anyone can read on the Open Mic, just come along on the day, and put your name on the list.


Usually the feature poet chooses to do two sets, with a 15 minute break between. The feature can choose to do one half hour set, if they think that would work best.


The audience a feature poet brings, is how the feature gets paid. West Word poetry, likes an audience of around 20 or more people. If a feature poet is popular & and brings along a large audience that loves the poet's work, the book raffle will pay the feature poet well. All the money collected from the book raffle on the day, goes to the feature poet performing on that day.


(NB: The convener’s job at West Word poetry is voluntary & always has been for the 15 years West Word poetry has been in existence. If you wish to thank the convenor in any way financially, you can buy poetry books.)


*For 2017 there will be a POETRY CHALLENGE for poets wishing to ASK for a feature gig.*


simply this:

Write a poem about

Arbitrary detention & torture in the guise of 'care'.